Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memories in Montana

My 2 sisters Natalie and Julia, our 4 kids (Nat has Sabra 4, Kezia 2, and Zander 11 months and I have Asher 10 months) and I went on a trip to Montana. It was so memorable and these pictures are just a few that we took in Great Falls at my Grandpa Art's grave. My parents are both from Great Falls and we saw my dad's mom and her husband, Grandpa Niel. That's a picture of them below.

I didn't know my Grandpa Art very well, I actually have no memories of him, but it was nice to see his grave and reflect upon how things have changed. My dad has made a complete 180 since his childhood. He and my grandma joined the LDS church when he was a boy, and that was the beginning of all the transformations. From a childhood of alcohol, hostility and abuse, my dad embraced the hope the gospel brings and did his best to raise us 9 kids with my mom. I am very grateful for that. Now my siblings and I, with our spouses are trying to raise our children with firm core values and Faith in Jesus Christ.

After 2 days in Great Falls, we went to Big Fork where my Grandma Vicki loves. My Grandpa Lee passed away a few years ago and so my grandma lives in their beautiful lakeside house alone (actually right now there is a family taking care of her since she was in a bus accident and broke her femur and her hip). The house is set on Flathead Lake and brings back so many fun memories of my childhood- boating, swimming and running up the twirly stairs in the house (sorry I have no pictures). I hope that my grandma continues to feel better!

The last night we stayed in Missoula after we went to my cousin Rande's wedding. She is the oldest daughter of my mom's youngest sister Sharla (these are the names of all of the girls, Sheila (my mom), Sherill, Shauna, Sharla). It is a total tongue twister! All of my aunts were there and my cousin Lindsay, her baby Dean, and my other cousin Chelsea, her husband Travis and their 2 boys Cole and Carter. We don't see extended family that much, so we just caught up. Chelsea's boys are sooo cute. They are 5 and 6 and fearless. They came up to me, "Hi my name is Cole, What's your name?" Carter did the same thing, shook my hand, and then they said, "nice to meet you." Talk about manners!!

I need to mention a highlight. We met my mom, dad, brother DJ and sister Amanda in Missoula. Amanda flew in from Washington and I just love her. She is married to Jeff and I secretly hope that they will move back to Utah where all the family is (on both sides). He will be done with his post doctorate Sep 1 :) My parents and DJ made a week of the trip and went to a few temples on the way, including the Cardston, Canada temple. I am so thankful for my wonderful family. I'll admit though, I was ready to come home and cuddle with my hubby Ben!

DJ and Asher :)


mel said...
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Julia M. said...

Woohoo! I love the update. It was an absolute blast to go on the trip. I'll post more pictures so you can see Bigfork and stuff. You're the best, Dubio! I love you so!

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