Friday, October 17, 2008

So Much Going On :)

Ben and I have been married two years. It's been so rewarding, at least for me, though I am sure he would say the same :) I get to stay at home with Asher and I babysit my friend Nicole's baby Grant a few days a week. Ben has 3 quarters left of school and then he will have a BS and officially be a Computer Programmer.

Not a great pic, but a great memory! We are in downtown Seattle at the Market Place where there are tons of people and fish; flowers come by the dozen (seriously it's like $3 for 12). It is gorgeous there.

Go Seahawks! This is Ben's favorite team so for our anniversary our brother-in-law Jeff got tickets for us to go- we went with Amanda and Jeff too, it was really fun. They lost, but we had fun anyway- these are some die hards that let us get our pic with them.

The Seahawks field is HUGE and loud- they have the record for causing the most false starts for their opposing team; bc it's so loud it makes it so the opposing team can't hear eachother :)

Amanda and me at the Seahawks game- She and Jeff did so much for us last weekend. Thanks so much! Also, Amanda is expecting the 13th grandchild on the Zolman side- we are all so excited :) She and Jeff are headed to MN for work- Jeff's a Psychologist and Amanda works with computers. Needless to say they both do pretty well for themselves!

This was a street performer that had Asher pretty entertained. The guy could balance a guitar on his chin, do 2 hoola hoops and play another guitar (I didn't get a pic of that amazing stunt).

Jeff and Amanda at Applebees, we had a fun time just hanging out with
them and their cute puppy Trixie.

Asher and Trixie playing- they are the same height and loved playing together. Asher loved giving her hugs and Trixie loved giving Asher kisses :)


Amanda said...

Laura!! WE had so much fun with you guys!!! Thank you so much for coming to our place, and spending time with us. I am excited to see you blogged it~ WE had a ball. It was fun to see your pictures, too. That last picture of Trixie and Asher is so cute. They had fun, fun...

Anonymous said...


Looks like you had a lot of fun in Seattle with your Sis and her husband and also celebrating your 2 yr!!! Doesn't time fly! WE all missed you at the movie night at Pinnacle! Excited to see you at Steph's shower if not before. :) I miss my Laura!